Shower Steamers for a Spa Experience with Essential Oils &/or Menthol Crystals


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Shower Steamers for a Spa Experience with Essential Oils &/or Menthol Crystals

Transform your shower into a luxurious spa experience with our Shower Steamers. Aromatherapy goodness in every steamer. Made with pure therapeutic grade essential oils per small batch.Enjoy true aromatherapy benefits in the comfort of your own home.16 steamers per bag for easy use and storage.

Minty Menthol Crystals Indulge in the soothing scents of essential oils or the refreshing sensation of menthol crystals. Our shower steamers release these natural ingredients into the air, creating a calming or invigorating atmosphere.

Elevate your Mood Cleansing and Hydrating Effects Increase positive vibes and promote relaxation while enjoying the cleansing and hydrating effects of steam on your skin.

Our Shower Steamers are easy to use, simply place one on the floor of your shower (away from direct water flow) and let it dissolve as you breathe in its fragrant aroma.

Treat yourself to an indulgent spa experience with our Shower Steamers today!

INVIGORATE: helps with sinuses & headaches: Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Menthol

RELAX: helps to calm & sleep: Lavender, Bergamot, Chamomile

SERENE WOODS: for anxiety, depression & sleep: Frankincense, Cedar, Bergamot, Sandalwood, Chamomile

BRIGHT CITRUS: pick me up, awake: Lemon, Sweet Orange, Lemongrass, Menthol

WINTERGREEN: good for colds & headaches: Wintergreen, Menthol

Ingredients: Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Kaolin Clay, Corn Starch, Essential Oils, Fragrance Oils, &/or menthol.

6-ounce average weight

Pittsburgh, PA

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