Scented Burning Oil, Warmer Oil, Home Fragrance Diffuser, Air Freshener


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To use with Electric Oil Burners or warmers,Plug-in Light Bulb Burners, Potpourri, Light Rings, Tea-Lite Burners, or Steam Diffusers.Aromatherapy Fragrance Oil by PSquare Scents llcVolume Capacity: 2 fl.oz. in Glass Amber Bottlewith dropperIf you have any questions about our oils or any of our items,Please feel free to Contact UsOur Burning Oils are made with the same top-quality fragrance/essential oils we use in all of our products.We make these to order.Use:Add water or unscented carrier oil to burner and add several drops of this burning oil to your burner and enjoy!WARNING:For External Use Only.Keep Away from children. Do not leave burning oil unattended. Do not use on face or open flame.Do not apply to clothes, leather, vinyl and furniture. Use with caution.Burning Oils are Made in the USA.Pittsburgh, PA