P² Plug-in


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A great way to add a beautiful aroma to your home or office with no fuss.1 bulb will fill a large space with fragrance for around 28 days.No flame, or hot wax to worry about around animals & kids.

Do not Forget the “Plugs”!

Buy the kit: 1 Plugin & 3 “P² Plugs” (put in notes @ checkout what fragrances you would like)

USE: Uncap the refill to attach it to the plug, screw in plug, then plug in outlet. Always keep your plug and fragrance refill upright because refills contain fragrance & essential oils that may damage finished surfaces and some plastics. Lasts around 28 days.

No artificial color or dyes. No additives. No unnecessary ingredients.

Longer lasting than aerosol air fresheners. Save the “Lid & Bottle”, bring back to store to receive a credit for next purchase

Pittsburgh, PA