Candle of the Month Club


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Candle of the Month Club

The Gift of Fragrance

This is for 1 candle of your choice each month, in store only.

The card will come in a box with a post card and tissue as a gift. This is for 12 candles total OR 6 candles total.

This gift is only good for people that can come to the shop every month to pickup their candle.

The Candle of the Month club card & certificate will be delivered or picked up. The candles them selves can olny be picked up at the shop currently each month.

This is like a gift certificate!Please hold onto your Candle of the Month Card.

Each month bring your card back to the shop to get your card stamped for your candle gift of your choice. The Candle of the Month Card does not have a monetary value. It cannot be replaced or returned

** Restrictions apply see card for details **