Candle Accessories


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Black Wick Set Includes: 1 - Wick Cutter, to prevent soot 1 - Wick Dipper, to prevent wick smoldering 1 - Candle Snuffer, to extinguish candle flame safely 1 - Black gift bag

These are about 7" long.

Made from stainless steel.

Our Ribbon wicks are a designer wick, which does not need to be trimmed.With that being said, when using a decorative candle lid, we do recommend trimming the wick to control the flame height.

Decorative Lid: 1. Tulips 2. Fall Leaves 3. Holly 4. Olive Branches

Decorative Lid can be used while burning the candle or to up your candle design as the candle is not being used. Candle lids hold in heat and will make the candle burn hotter which will make the candle stronger. This can also make the candle burn faster and create a larger flame. If using decorative lid while burning, we do recommend trimming the wick.

Made from zinc alloy.