"Pickle Themed" Products


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Pickles, Pickles and more Pickles!! People from Pittsburgh (and many others from all over) LOVE anything pickle.  We have a wide variety of "pickle themed" product perfect for pickle lover in your life, or just as a treat for yourself. 


Shower Steamers - Dill Lime (Surprisedly Refreshing)

Jar o Pickles Soap

Hand Sanitizer (1oz) - Dill Pickle or Pickled Watermelon 

No Rinse Foaming Hand Soap - Dill Pickle 

Lip Scrub - Dill Pickle

Lotion 4oz - Dill Pickle or Pickled Watermelon 

Sugar Scrub - Dill Pickle or Pickled Watermelon 

Fragrance Mist 2oz  - Dill Pickle 

Pickle Juice Candle

Jag-Off Pickle Candle 

Pickled Watermelon Candle 

Car/Small Space Freshener - Dill Pickle

Car/Small Space Freshener - Pickled Watermelon 

Dill With It Bath Bomb

Tickle Your Pickle Bath Bomb 

PA with PGH City Skyline Bath Bomb

JagOff Pickle Sticker